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TOLBY is a memorable and fun way for youth to learn about energy efficiency.

Energy Drips

Energy Drips Video

Pull up a chair and watch this video for some simple, practical ways to reduce energy drips in your home and stop paying for energy that you never get to use.

The Minnesota Energy Challenge is an action guide for reducing energy waste in our state. Energy efficiency has never been this FUN and EASY!

State-wide Participants


Each year, Minnesotans save

That's 251,423,727 lbs. of CO2!
Get ideas for easy ways to reduce energy waste in your home.
Join teams to maximize your impact & track your community's pledged energy savings.
Sign up and create your own action plan for reducing energy waste.
Compete against other schools, churches, businesses, and neighborhoods.

Action Guide

Just a few of the fun and easy things you can do to save energy, money, and the environment. See All Actions

Adds Comfort to Your HomeSee All

Keep in the Cold: Central A/C

Close windows and doors to give your central A/C a break during the summer

Upgrade Your Window A/C

Replace your 15+ year old window A/C with a shiny new efficient unit.

Seal Attic Bypasses

Seal attic air leaks allowing heated air to escape from your house into the attic and wreak havoc.

Saves the Most CO2See All

Hung Out to Dry

Get some cheap solar power and dry your clothes outside!

Drive to the Limit

Drive to the speed limit and maintain tire pressure for easy gas savings.

Upgrade Your Fridge

Replace your 15+ year old fridge with a shiny new efficient unit.


Start or join a team with friends, family and neighbors to maximize your impact. See All teams

Top Block Club Teams


East Seward

29 Members / $27,855 / 305,451 lbs CO2

3100 Colfax S

12 Members / $6,329 / 75,994 lbs CO2

10th Avenue and 11th Avenue Block Club

10 Members / $1,979 / 25,568 lbs CO2

5100 Block Colfax Ave so

8 Members / $5,818 / 60,771 lbs CO2

Green To Gold - GMI SC Finance

4 Members / $2,850 / 32,860 lbs CO2

Top Business Teams


Bakken Museum

708 Members / $93,907 / 2,154,901 lbs CO2

Hennepin County Medical Center (HCMC)

76 Members / $10,754 / 186,180 lbs CO2

Xcel Energy Staff

73 Members / $28,750 / 582,075 lbs CO2

The Brave New Workshop

71 Members / $14,705 / 273,464 lbs CO2

Robins, Kaplan, Miller & Ciresi

62 Members / $38,828 / 459,522 lbs CO2

Top CERT Teams


Metro CERTs

231 Members / $43,725 / 1,521,428 lbs CO2

Southeast CERT

66 Members / $15,803 / 398,628 lbs CO2

Southwest CERT

62 Members / $14,230 / 427,371 lbs CO2

West Central CERT

14 Members / $14,696 / 175,188 lbs CO2

Central CERT

12 Members / $13,117 / 156,787 lbs CO2