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Bring the Challenge to School

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Promote the Energy Challenge at your school to build your team and save energy.

Why You Should Do It

If you're looking for a fun Earth Day/Week/Month event, an interesting community service project or just another way to try and get your school to pay attention to green stuff, try the Energy Challenge!  With the team system you can challenge your rivals, hold competitions, use Facebook and Twitter to connect people and generally have a fun time without having to sign your life over.

What It Costs

You can run a campaign for free using materials and training supplied by Emma, the Challenge coordinator, or get a little funding from your school for goodies like a trophy, food for events or help with materials.  It's up to you!About the Challenge

How to Do It

  1. Select “Add to My Challenge” and pledge to bring the Energy Challenge to your school.
  2. Request an Energy Challenge School Starter Kit from Emma or download the Energy Challenge Guide for Students and Teachers for some campaign ideas.
  3. Make sure your school has a team on the Energy Challenge and create one if necessary.
  4. Set up a timeline for your campaign and get all your friends to help you.  Let Emma know if she can lend a hand, too!
  5. Congratulate yourself for spreading the word and making a difference for Minnesota!

Make It a Group Activity

Involve as many school orgs as possible.  Environmental clubs are a no-brainer, but what about sports teams, the theater group or the Spanish club?  You might find unlikely allies that are interesting in rising above that rival school in the ranking, or who are interested in a one-month social media blast to pump up your standings.  Think outside the box!  And the more, the merrier - don't try and carry a campaign on your own.

Common Misconceptions

I don't have time to promote the Energy Challenge at my school.

You've got homework, practice, rehersal and a social life to maintain, so who has time to promote the Energy Challenge?  Don't worry, it doesn't have to take a huge time committment to get the word out and get more people on your team.  It's as simple as posting status updates or tweets about the Energy Challenge every once and a while, putting up a few posters to talking to your teach about assigning the Energy Challenge as homework in your classroom.


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