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Compost Year Round

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Composting is fun every day of the year!

Why You Should Do It

Looking to take your composting to the next level?  Instead of just composting when it’s warm outside, take the next step and compost all year round.  This is especially easy if you compost with worms in your home (vermicomposting).  You’ll reduce your waste and end up with a bunch of great dirt!

What It Costs

You can build your own compost bin for under $100, or find a wide variety at home improvement stores.

How to Do It

  1. Decide whether you are going to use a compost bin outside (if you have a yard), or going to try vermiculture, composting scraps inside with worms! Many cities are also now running city-wide compost pick-up and drop-off programs. 
  2. Buy or build your own compost bin, or register for one through your city.
  3. Start putting your compostable food scraps in your compost instead of in the trash.  You can compost things like coffee grounds, rinds and veggies, egg shells, tea bags and much more!  Don't put dairy, meat, bones, grease or whole eggs into your compost pile unless you are participating in city-wide compost!
  4. Commit to composting all year round, no matter the weather!
  5. Congratulate yourself on saving energy and making a difference for Minnesota!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q.

    Does compost smell bad?

    Not at all!  After all, compost isn’t just food scraps, but is also composed of paper and green material (like leaves).  Healthy compost smells like soil.  If your compost is smelly, then it just needs some minor adjustments.
  • Q.

    Are there any food scraps that I shouldn't put in my compost?

    Yes - don't put dairy, meat, bones, grease or whole eggs in your compost, whether you have a pile outside or a worm bin inside.  You should also avoid putting any pet poo in your compost!


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