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Fine Tune It: Furnace

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Cars get tune-ups every few thousand miles - your furnace needs a tune up every fall.

Why You Should Do It

Think about it: would you rather be calling a repair company in the dead of January while your family is attempting to all climb in the same SnuggieTM, or get your furnace tuned in October before it gets too cold?  Yeah, that's what I thought, too.  It's just smart to get your heating system checked out every year so you can catch problems or potentially hazardous situations before we get too deep into winter.

What It Costs

Usually a little over $100 for the service.

How to Do It

  1. Select "Add to My Challenge" and pledge to get your heating system tuned this year.
  2. Contact either your heating contractor (the person who installed your unit) or your gas utility to ask about their tuning services.
  3. Schedule a tuning for late fall - before you ever turn that furnace on.
  4. Congratulate yourself for taking action to keep your family warm and reducing energy waste in Minnesota.

Make It a Family Activity

Give the gift of heat!  Next time you are puzzling over a gift for your partner, family member or friend, think about getting them a furnace tuning.  It's something we rarely think about for ourselves, but will be a very welcome service when the winter comes.


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