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Fine Tune It: Central A/C

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Cars get tune-ups every few thousand miles - your central air needs a tune up every spring.

Why You Should Do It

We all know that prevention is easier than treatment - the same goes for your central air A/C.  Get your central air conditioner tuned before the hot and humid weather rolls in to keep your family nice and comfortable and keep your utility bills nice and low.

What It Costs

Tyically around $100.

How to Do It

  1. Select "Add to My Challenge" and pledge to get your central A/C system tuned this year.
  2. Contact either your heating contractor (the person who installed your unit) or your electric utility to ask about their tuning services.
  3. Schedule a tuning for late spring - before you ever turn that air conditioner on!
  4. Congratulate yourself for taking action to keep your family happy and make a difference for Minnesota.


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