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Host a Presentation

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Host a free Energy Challenge presentation at your business, school, congregation or neighborhood.

Why You Should Do It

Emma, the Energy Challenge coordinator, would love to come to your school, business, restaurant, congregation, park building or wherever and give a FREE presentation on reducing energy waste in our homes. Her goal is to make saving energy fun and easy - and make her presentations interesting and upbeat, too!

What It Costs


How to Do It

  1. Select “Add to My Challenge” and pledge to host a presentation at your work, congregation, school, etc.
  2. Email or call Emma at 612-335-5852 to talk about your idea for a presentation or workshop.
  3. Make sure to pick a date at least a month in the future so you have plenty of time to tell others about the event.
  4. Don’t organize an event alone!  See if you can get a few friends, peers or coworkers to help you organize the event and share the outreach.
  5. Congratulate yourself for helping others learn how to save energy and make a difference for Minnesota!

Make It a Group Activity

Part of a green team at your work, church or school?  Interested in energy or learning more about home improvement?  Bring Emma to give a presentation!

Common Misconceptions

Presentations about energy efficiency and conservation are boring.

Sometimes this is true – if people include too much technical information, or too many dire warnings, or just drone on without thinking.  However!  Emma has spent a lot of time trying to make her workshops and presentations as interactive and interesting as possible.  She might even tell jokes!  She appreciates if you laugh at them.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q.

    How much does Emma charge for a presentation or workshop?

    Nothing!  Free, free as a bird
  • Q.

    What will Emma talk about?

    Emma focuses on energy efficiency and conservation, easy actions that you can use to save money and stay comfortable in your home, and how to use the Energy Challenge as a resource for your home and your community. If you’re interested in getting a group together to be trained on the Energy Challenge itself and how to promote it in your community, Emma can also provide trainings.  Just let her know!
  • Q.

    What age students will Emma present to?

    Kindergarten through college! For the younger ages consider bringing Tolby to your group!
  • Q.

    How many people do I need to get together for Emma to come give us a free workshop or presentation?

    Given Emma's schedule, she tries to make sure groups are of at least 30 people or more. 


  • brandt_steven says:

    I'd like to bike to school every now and then, and encourage others i know to do the same. Its exercise and it saves fuel in our cars.

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