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Keep in the Cold: Central A/C

Difficulty: Difficulty: 1 Expense: Expense: 1 Savings: 281 lbs CO2 / $13 Bookmark and Share

Close windows and doors to give your central A/C a break during the summer

Why You Should Do It

Like Mom always said: “are you trying to cool the whole neighborhood??”  Keep those windows and doors shut tight to keep the nice cold air in where you can enjoy it.

What It Costs

Free!  Or, if you need to do some basic air sealing, the cost of 30 feet of reusable rope caulk is under $5.

How to Do It

  1. Select “Add to My Challenge” and pledge to close your windows and doors while running your central air conditioner.
  2. Check to see if you have any air leaks around windows or doors that might cause you to lose some of your precious cooled air.
  3. Use simple rope caulk to seal any leaks around windows and doors.
  4. Turn on the A/C, close the windows and doors and pour yourself a refreshing glass of lemonade.
  5. Congratulate yourself for saving energy and money and making a difference for Minnesota!

Make It a Family Activity

Have a family meeting to talk about the importance of keeping doors and windows closed.  Remember to praise your children when you see them deliberately closing windows and doors to keep the cold air in.  Celebrate saving energy as a family!


  • janet says:

    In the last 4-5 years we've only used our AC a dozen times, but this year is different with all the humidity! We always make sure to turn up the thermostat when we leave for work and make sure all windows and doors are shut tight.

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