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Keep in the Cold: Window A/C

Difficulty: Difficulty: 2 Expense: Expense: 1 Savings: 99 lbs CO2 / $4 Bookmark and Share

Close doors and windows to give your room A/C a break.

Why You Should Do It

Window air conditioning units are designed to efficiently cool single rooms or areas – not the whole house!  By shutting open doors to seal off the area, you’ll stay nice and cool – and save some money, too.  Cool the air where you need it, faster and more efficiently.  Don't forget to close your windows, too!

What It Costs


How to Do It

  1. Check the capacity of your window air conditioner, or how many cubic feet it is rated to cool.  This should give you an idea of where you should install it.
  2. Once you place the window unit, close all the other windows in the room.
  3. Define the area (bedroom, living room, etc) that you are going to cool and close the doors that lead in or out of it.
  4. Turn on the A/C and bask in the cool air.
  5. You can also use a floor fan to circulate the cool air around your closed area.
  6. Congratulate yourself for saving energy and money and making a difference for Minnesota!

Make It a Family Activity

A fun arts and crafts project is to decorate signs to put up during the cooling season to remind people to close doors to cooled areas.  The more glitter, the better.


  • grizdude19 says:

    open the windows guys!!!!!!

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