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Lights, Camera....Pledge!

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Record your own Energy Challenge video pledge and inspire other Minnesotans to save energy!

Why You Should Do It

Are you taking action to save energy in your home?  We'd love to give you extra credit and feature your family's story on the Minnesota Energy Challenge!  In partnership with the Metro Clean Energy Resource Team, we're featuring the stories of real Minnesotans who are really saving energy on our website and social media sites.  So don't be modest - tell us how you're making a difference!

Source: CERTs & Energy Challenge Video Pledge

What It Costs

All it takes to make your video pledge is access to a video recording device of some sort (cell phones included), a little time and your own story of saving energy in your home or apartment. 

How to Do It

  1. Download this handy Energy Challenge Video Pledge form and complete both sides - we'll need that to upload your video.
  2. Recruit a family member, child, pet or friend to help you record your video.  You can record a simple pledge, or a detailed pledge.
  3. Submit your video on DVD or thumb drive to Emma at 212 Third Avenue N, Suite 560, Minneapolis, MN 55401, at or via Dropbox or FTL and we'll let you know when we share it.
  4. Email it to all your friends and bask in the praise!

Make It a Family Activity

Get the whole family together to talk about your favorite ways to save energy, how you're talking to your kids about energy use and any tips/tricks you want to share with other families.


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