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Recycle Like Crazy

Difficulty: Difficulty: 5 Expense: Expense: 1 Savings: 8822 lbs CO2 / $0 Bookmark and Share

Reach the pinnacle of recycling by never, ever throwing away a recyclable item, whether at home or out and about.

Why You Should Do It

Trash cans might as well not exist for you.  Whether you’re grabbing a bite to eat with your family or shopping with friends, you never let the opportunity to recycle pass.  You’re totally willing to collect other peoples’ cans, bottles and paper to take home and recycle.  You’re a recycling hero!

What It Costs


How to Do It

  1. Select “Add to My Challenge” and pledge to reach the pinnacle of recycling by shunning trash cans for any and all recyclable items.
  2. Make a point to never, ever throw away a recyclable item, especially if it means you need to bring it home to get the job done right!
  3. Congratulate yourself on a job well done and making a difference for Minnesota!

Make It a Group Activity

Let all your friends and family know that you are the go-to-person for recycling!  Including helping them figure out how to recycle stuff in their homes or taking items that they don’t know are recyclable or not.

Take your passion for recycling to work!  Many of your coworkers may be interested in recycling, but may not know what they can recycle or how to make it work at your place of business.  Check to make sure that you can set up recycling around your work and talk to others!


  • alecdohm says:

    This challenge was really hard! but was way worth it:)

  • craigbelisle says:

    If each of us does just a little more, and continues to grow a habit of doing it, the world will become a much cleaner planet!

  • says:

    We always recycle in my household.

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