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Thank Your Fans: Window A/C

Difficulty: Difficulty: 2 Expense: Expense: 1 Savings: 191 lbs CO2 / $9 Bookmark and Share

Use fans instead of your window A/C on cool summer nights.

Why You Should Do It

Those lovely night breezes can save you money if you just open a few windows and let them in!  Try using fans in your windows to take advantage of the cooler air instead of using your window air conditioner to cool your bedroom at night.  You can use the money you save to keep your freezer stocked with popsicles!

What It Costs

Free!  Or, if you don't yet have a window fan, you find a decent one for under $20.

How to Do It

  1. Select “Add to My Challenge” and pledge to use fans at night instead of your window A/C.
  2. Make a note for yourself and tape it right on the front of your window unit (um, but not over the fan part).
  3. Make sure you have a fan that fits comfortably in your window and can easily reach an outlet.
  4. Turn off your window A/C at night and plug in your new fan!
  5. Congratulate yourself for saving energy and money and making a difference for Minnesota!


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