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Upgrade Your Fridge

Difficulty: Difficulty: 4 Expense: Expense: 4 Savings: 1095 lbs CO2 / $54 Bookmark and Share

Replace your 15+ year old fridge with a shiny new efficient unit.

Why You Should Do It

It’s time.  Your old fridge has served you well, but we all know that new fridges are better.  Way better.  In fact, FOUR TIMES better.  That avocado green fridge you’re hanging onto uses four times more energy than a new ENERGY STAR fridge!  So take a moment and say goodbye, then get that old thing out of your house!  Have the delivery guys recome and recycle the old one.  You will definitely save in the long term.

What It Costs

New ENERGY STAR rated fridges can range from under $500 to over $2,000 depending on your tastes.

The simpler, the less expensive.  Just like with cars, the more bells and whistles you add and the bigger the fridge, the more you’ll end up shelling out over the long term.  Ask yourself – can I live without an ice-maker and dispenser?  Because they really hike up your energy use and your purchase price.

Keep in mind also that models with top mounted freezers use 10-25% less energy than bottom-mount or side-by-side models.

How to Do It

  1. Select “Add to My Challenge” and pledge to upgrade your 15+ year old fridge.
  2. Do a little research – check out Consumer Reports and talk to your friends and family about their preferred brands.
  3. Go to the ENERGY STAR website for their Buyer’s Guide and check out their rebate search.
  4. When you do make the leap, DO NOT KEEP YOUR OLD FRIDGE.  Ask the delivery guys if they can take and recycle your fridge for you.
  5. Some utilities offer rebates for recycling old fridges and freezers, so don't forget to check!
  6. Congratulate yourself for saving energy and money and making a difference for Minnesota!


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