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Upgrade Your Window A/C

Difficulty: Difficulty: 3 Expense: Expense: 3 Savings: 611 lbs CO2 / $30 Bookmark and Share

Replace your 15+ year old window A/C with a shiny new efficient unit.

Why You Should Do It

Another summer has come and gone, and you’re still using that old window air conditioner.  It’s time to put it out to pasture and treat yourself to a higher efficiency model that will provide better performance and keep you cool while saving money at the same time.  Plus, they are quieter, too!

What It Costs

You can find a high-efficiency window unit for $100 to $400, depending on the size of the room you’re cooling.

How to Do It

  1. Select “Add to My Challenge” and pledge to replace your old, inefficient window air conditioner with a shiny new efficient unit.
  2. Find out the size of the room you will be cooling.  Don’t fall prey to oversizing!
  3. Go to your favorite appliance store and check out their window air conditioner units.
  4. Find units with an Energy Efficiency Rating (EER) of 11 or higher.
  5. Remember to check the Energy Guide label (the big yellow one) to compare efficiency and annual costs.
  6. Congratulate yourself for saving energy and money and making a difference for Minnesota!

Common Misconceptions

If I get a larger air conditioner, it will cool my room better.

Bigger isn’t always better.  Window A/C units not only cool, but remove humidity from the air – which goes a long way to keeping yourself comfortable.  If you have a unit that is too large for the space, it may cool your room quickly, but it will only remove some of the humidity, leaving with you with a creepy cool and clammy sensation. 


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