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Use plastic window kits to keep your home nice and cozy in the winter.

Why You Should Do It

Look, windows are always going to steal heat from you in the colder months - glass just has a really low thermal resistence.  You can use plastic window kits to easily seal off air leaks and help put another layer between that cold glass and your warm home - without losing any light!
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What It Costs

Usually around $20 for the window kit.

How to Do It

  1. Select "Add to My Challenge" and pledge to insulate windows in your home or apartment with plastic window insulation.
  2. Measure the windows you wish to insulate to make sure you know how much plastic you need to buy.
  3. Head to your local hardware store and hunt down their plastic window insulation kits.
  4. Read the instructions a few times!  You'll need to gather a hair dryer and a utility knife or scissors.
  5. You may want to clean the edges of the windows to make sure the double-sided tape really sticks.
  6. Follow the directions included with your kits to install your window insulation.
  7. Step back and congratulate yourself on a job well done.

Make It a Family Activity

Have older kids?  They can definitely help hold pesky corners down as the adults help affix the plastic.  Also, using the hair dryer to make the plastic taunt is pretty cool, so they might want to help with that as well (with the proper adult supervision - you can also burn holes through the plastic, too).

Make It a Group Activity

Have a window insulation progressive!  Get a few neighbors together and suggest you go house to house as a group to help install the plastic kits - they are a million times easier with a few extra hands.  Enjoy a different appetizer at each house and celebrate with a drink at the end.

Common Misconceptions

Plastic wrap on windows will look ugly.

The great thing about the plastic window insulation is that it's see-through!  Installed correctly, it's hardly noticable, especially if you're also using shades or drapes to prevent thermal loss.


  • bobo.hill says:

    How do you get a good seal on a window with a sill? Mine always leak at the bottom where the window meets the sill. Thanks.

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