For Teachers

Post Visit

We hope that you enjoyed your visit! To wrap-up the TOLBY program and get the most of the visit we provide post-activities and post-assessment. Help us continue to improve the TOLBY program by filling out the TOLBY evaluation form.

1. Post-Activities

For the same reason that pre-activities are valuable, post-activities allow students to apply their new knowledge, which helps solidify energy concepts in their minds. Try one of the following activities – or one of your own creation – to allow students to apply whay they've learned and transition to your next unit or learning objectives.

Investigate the presence of energy outdoors, and build sensory awareness of biomass, wind, solar and other local energy sources and carriers.
Put students observation skills, math and energy knowledge to work by doing a classroom – or school-wide – energy audit!  See the Classroom Energy Audit Worksheet below.  
As an extension to the Energy Scavenger Hunt and Energy Audit, these activities explore how the exterior and grounds of a building impact its energy use.  

Public Service Announcement
Often, following a TOLBY visit, students have a heightened sense of awareness when making energy choices.  This is the perfect time to have them share their new ideas with classmates and the world through Public Service Announcements (PSAs).  PSAs come in many forms – posters, videos, songs, skits and presentations. Student's PSA can also be submitted for the WIll Steger Foundation and Minnesota Pollution Control Agency's Youth Voices of Change video Contest.

These activities are adapted from the Will Steger Foundation's Experience Energy curriculum. For continuations of these activities access the full curriculum for free online.

TOLBY Post-Activities (combined document)
For your convenience this document contains all of the post-activities in one PDF.

First or second grade teacher? Use TOLBY coloring sheets and simple worksheets on the For Kids page as post-activties.

2. Post-Assessment

Follow-up the program by giving your students the post-assessment. To track what sudents learned from the TOLBY program, we provide the same questions as the pre-assessment. 

3. TOLBY Evaluation Form

After you have finished the TOLBY program please take a couple minutes to fill out the TOLBY Evaluation Form. Your suggestions and feedback help us  make changes that assue the programw works best for educatiors