For Teachers

Pre Visit

To prepapre for your TOLBY visit we suggest you do the pre-assessment and pre-activties with your students. However, the only required action to do before a visit is reading the Preparing for a TOLBY Visit to ensure your classroom is ready for us on the day of the visit. 

1. Pre-Assessment

Before doing any pre-activity we suggest giving your students the TOLBY® program pre-assessment to baseline your student's energy knowledge.

2. Pre-Activities

The TOLBY program offers pre-activities to do with your classroom. Pre-activities prepare your students with energy basics and appropriate vocabulary that help them get the most out of their time with TOLBY. This is also the best time to link the presentation to your curriculum objectives. 
Raise awareness of energy used each day and create a visual, working definition of energy. 
Draw items from a bag and decide whether they show kinetic energy, potential energy or both.

TOLBY Pre-Activities (combined document)
For your convenience this document contains all of the pre-activities in one PDF.
These activities are adapted from the Will Steger Foundation's Experience Energy curriculum. For continuations of these activities access the full curriculum for free online.

First or second grade teacher? Use TOLBY coloring sheets and simple worksheets on the For Kids page as pre-activties.

3.Get Ready for the Visit

Look over the document on preparing for a TOLBY visit. This helps ensure that everything goes smoothly on the day of the visit.