Glenwood United Parish


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  • Wash 'em Cold

    Difficulty: Difficulty: 1 Expense: Expense: 1

    Wash clothes in cold water to save money and preserve your clothing.

    15 Members
  • Flip the Switch

    Difficulty: Difficulty: 1 Expense: Expense: 1

    Turn off lights and unplug electronics when not in use to stop costly electricity leaks.

    14 Members
  • Do the Twist

    Difficulty: Difficulty: 1 Expense: Expense: 2

    Replace incandescent bulbs with compact fluorescent light bulbs that use 75% less electricity and last 7-10 times longer.

    13 Members
  • Five is Just Fine

    Difficulty: Difficulty: 2 Expense: Expense: 1

    Take five minute showers for squeaky-clean energy savings.

    12 Members
  • Ditch the Car

    Difficulty: Difficulty: 3 Expense: Expense: 1

    Combine trips, walk or bike for some extra exercise and energy savings.

    6 Members


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